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Kerala at a glance

Blessed with a fertile land and serene backwaters, this southern state of India is a tropical paradise indeed. Fondly called ‘God’s own country’, Kerala is bejeweled by the blue Arabian Sea, the majestic Western Ghats along with calm, swirling backwaters.

Each of the 14 districts of Kerala have a unique appeal, like the coastal regions of Alleppey, Kottayam and Ernakulam have the finest beaches and backwaters, while hilly districts of Idukki and Wayanad have cooler climate and scenic valleys.The hill towns of Kerala enjoy a pleasant and refreshing climate all year round. Thanks to its unique geographical diversity the state experiences four seasons - winter, summer, south-west monsoon and north-east monsoon. November to May is considered ideal time for tourists, although monsoon tourism is a catching trend.

Residents of India’s most literate and progressive state, the people of Kerala or Keralites are admired for their high political and social awareness. The native language of Malayalam has several dialects as one travels across the states.

Kerala’s rich history is visible in every nook and corner. Once celebrated as the ‘Spice Coast of India’ the state saw many explorers and traders from across the globe including the Greeks, Romans, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabs, Chinese and the British. Present day Kerala is a pot pourri of imprints left behind by the travellers. Cultural aspects like cuisine, literature, architecture bear subtly yet evident traces of this history. India is famous for its varied culture and Kerala is one of its crown jewels. The rich catalogues of age-old dance forms vary according to occasions i.e. ceremonial, ritualistic, celebratory or entertaining in nature. Each more magnificent than the other…

Indians love their food and Keralites are no different. Their cuisine ranges from delectable sea food, to coconut filled sweet dishes, from savoury pickles to deep fried delicacies. Every dish made with a pot full of love and affection eaten on the traditional banana leaf. A predominantly agrarian society, Kerala also boosts of planned urbanisation. The perfect blend of preserved nature and constant development, Kerala is one of India’s most famous tourist destinations